Web Technology

R3 GIS is specialized in developing management software with WebGIS technology on the basis of open source components. The software solutions are installed on a server and can be used with a simple internet browser from any computer (desktop or mobile) which can access the sever through internet or intranet.

Why did we choose this technology and what are the advantages:

  • First of all the software can be used by a wide number of users: our client control how many users and under which profiles can access the applications. We do not limit the number of users.
  • We don't care about the operatinbg system of the computers on which you want to use our software: you just need an internet browser (Mozilla, Explorer, Chrome, ...) to use all functions of our applications.
  • Every maintenance or support activity can be carried out remotely, allowing us to act imediately upon your request, and reducing maintenance and support costs.

Mobile Technology

An important integration of the web technologies are mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs. By using these devices you can carry out the same operations in the field as on the desk. R3 GIS uses mobile technologies in various fields:

  • Development of applications for the Windows mobile plattform, in order to allow data capturing in the field and update the central database through RESTful web services.
  • Development of optimised interfaces of the Web applications for mobile devices with small screens.
  • Development of tools which take advantage of the GPS and camera in mobile devices and integrate this information with other data captured in the field.

Challange us!

Each situation requires adequate solutions to optimize the advantages of GIS techmologies for the field of application of our customers. We are looking forward to use our experience and technical knowledge to study the most adequate solution for your business.