Management and planning in ski areas

One integrated solution to manage maintenance works, documentation, maps

SkiSpaces (previously known as skiGIS) is a comprehensive solution to manage all information on ski resorts in an integrated way: characteristics of cableways and ski runs, their position, land registry data and contracts with landowners, documents and photographs, inspection and maintenance works, and much more. All information is stored in a central database, accessible through a web browser by all registered users from the office or in the field.

The update of information, the display onto a map, the user friendly measurement tools help you in taking strategic decisions, and allow you to document all work processes in a comprehensive way. The geo-enabled management tool SkiSpaces is constantly updated by R3GIS and Klenkhart & Partner, in cooperation with planners and technicians, in order to fully meet the needs of ski resort managers.

The advantages of SkiSpaces:

  • Get all relevant information on your ski resort through a user friendly web interface.
  • Define the tasks for maintenance, monitoring and documentation activities and assign them to your team, keeping a historical documentation of all activities.
  • The information on land registry, landowners and agreements with them are safely archived and easily accessible to authorised users.
  • Through a document management system you can link to each object (ropeway, ski run, parcel of land, other devices) the relevant documents.
  • Use measurement tools to assess length and surface of planned new projects (new ski lifts, extension of ski runs, areas for artificial snow generation, etc.).
  • The position of each technical installation is registered and documented (cables, pipelines, safety installations, signposts).
  • Data can easily be transferred to a handheld GPS to help you to update information or to find installations when covered by snow.

To explore all details please visit the website dedicated to SkiSpaces