Efficient and responsible management of green areas

GreenSpaces (previously known as R3 TREES) allows you to manage all information about public greenery and objects included, such as trees, lawn areas, street furniture, pavements, hedges etc.. The application has a sofisticated module that helps you schedule maintenance and care activities on all managed objects, be it lawn cutting jobs, pruning trees, pest control or fertilisation. The software allows you to register and manage risk assessments of trees and technical inspections of play equipment.

GreenSpaces is especially popular with municipal administrations because this solution optimises all processes of organisation and decision-making and because it offers a guaranteed, detailed and up-to-date database comprising all objects of public greenery. Users can have different levels of access permission that are set according to their tasks. GreenSpaces can provide you with a comprehensive overview of all your green assets.

The GreenSpaces platform was developed with the help of the LIFE URBANGREEN project (LIFE CCA/IT/000079).

To explore all details please visit the website dedicated to GreenSpaces (R3 TREES).