Public sector

Geographic Informations Systems (GIS) and generally geographic information are key instruments for the organisation and management of municipalities, counties and regional governments. GIS allow the integration of information from different databases of the public administration on the basis of their position on the ground. WebGIS plattforms are made to share information among all stakeholders. R3 GIS has created efficient tools to share and at the same time update thematic maps and workflows: calculation of local taxes, land planning, environmental protection, documentation of activities, updating of maps, citizen information, Energy consumption and CO2 monitoring.

Some of the R3 GIS products for the public sector:



Management of green areas, visual tree assessment, survey of all elements of the green areas, monitoring of playgrounds, maintenance planning and management, documentation of activities.



Administration and integration of the base vector map with land register, physical plans, addresses, etc. Integration with all databases of a public administration (registry, taxes, etc.). Managemen of map updates.



Management of traffic signs, with position, attributes, pictures and documents, maintenance tasks, documentation.



Monitoring tool for the municipalities which are signatories of the Covenant of Mayors for the management of the energy consumption, CO2 emissions, sustainable energy action plans (SEAP).